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Mahuva is a beautiful town on the shores of arabian sea, in Bhavnagar District, Gujarat.The history of the town goes back even 5000 years ago, where it is referred as the native of "Rukmini", the queen of Lord Krishna, in the Holy book of Mahabharat.The modern History of town consists various organizations and personalities' lives and works to make the town known on world map.It is the "karmabhumi" of Morari bapu, Shasan Samrat Nemisusvarji m.s. as well as Virchand Gandhi who went  to US in 19th century in chicago religeous congress.Mahuva is the land of great philanthropist like Shri Jayantilal Parekh, Sheth Manjibhai Nathubhai and Mehta Kalidas Gopalji to name a few, who have devoted their whole fortune for education and development of society as well as welfare of the poors. By the efforts of Sheth Manjibhai, Mahuva was the only town in perhaps entire saurashtra to have an English Language school back in the dates of 1889.Today Mahuva is known as the land of Onions for having more than 300 dehydration plants in town and outskirts which had make the town the largest dehydrated onion producer in the world.Mahuva is also famous wooden artifects and household items which are exported in hundreds of thousands of numbers every year.Mahuva is known as "Kashmir of Saurashtra" as being fertile region and also for having very very pleasent atmosphere and thus being a place for tourists to go for.

It’s Not the End of the Earth, But You Can See It From Here.

Dwarikadhish Haveli Temple

Situated in older part of town, The haveli temple is holding the torch of "Navadha Krushn Bhakti" and showing path to the Devotees.

Jain Temples

In the Land of  "Shasan Samrat maharaj Saheb" himself, Jainists find themselves more pure by visiting all five "Jinalayas."

Gayatri Mandir

"Gaytri Shaktipith" continuing the traditions of "Ved-Gyan" initiated by Pt. Ram Sharma Aacharya.

Swaminarayan Temples

Mahuva as a town is a symbol of Harmony that it has grand temples from both main traditions of Swaminarayan reigions.

Siddhi Vinayak Madir

"The God to be worshipped first of all" is blessing the town.

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